August 22nd is Take Your Cat to the Vet Day!

No joke—there actually is a day set aside to remind us that cats need regular veterinary visits! The reason? According to the American Humane Society our feline companions go to the veterinarian about half as often as dogs. Many people only take their cat to the vet when he or she is really sick—and often, that illness might have been avoided with preventive care.

While it’s true that cats are often low-maintenance pets compared to dogs, they still need regular wellness care including exams, vaccines and preventive medications to stay healthy. Plus, when we see cats regularly, we establish a baseline for their health and can often identify changes and diagnose diseases before they get too serious. Felines are very adept at hiding illness and injury, so they may have been suffering a long time before you know it.

So—how long has it been since your cat saw the vet? If it’s been over a year (or you can’t remember!) schedule an appointment online or call us at (719) 528-5557 today!