Nutrition & Weight Management

Are you absolutely certain that your pet is getting all the vitamins and nutrients he or she needs to stay healthy? Are a few extra pounds slowing down your normally active companion?

If you’ve ever been down the pet food aisle at your local grocery or pet store, you’ve probably felt overwhelmed by the immense selection. Which food is right for your pet? Are vitamins or supplements needed? What about weight? Is your best friend tipping the scales a bit too far these days? The topics of pet diet and weight management can be downright confusing. Nutrition is a key component of your pet’s well-being, so consult with a professional. The team at Briargate Boulevard Animal Hospital is experienced in all aspects of companion animal nutrition and weight management. We’ll take the mystery out of what you should be feeding your pet and how to keep your critter healthy and fit for life.


A balanced diet…

Not all pet foods are the same, and with so many products to choose from, picking the right one isn’t always easy. What’s more, different pets have different needs based on things like lifestyle, age and medical history. We will evaluate your companion to determine precisely what nutrients and other key ingredients he or she needs. When appropriate, we can also develop a customized diet to help manage weight and other existing health conditions.


A healthy weight…

When it comes to dogs and cats, just a few extra pounds can have a significant impact. Not only can excess weight slow your pet down, but it also contributes to serious medical conditions such as diabetes, back pain and joint degeneration. Conversely, pets that are underweight can be more susceptible to things like illness and injury. Our team will assess your companion’s present situation and, if necessary, work with you to create a plan for achieving and maintaining a healthy weight.

You want your pet to enjoy a long happy life, and so do we! Contact us today and let us design a customized plan for your pal!