Has your pet been acting out of sorts lately? Drinking a lot more water? Losing or gaining weight unintentionally? Are you concerned that underlying illness or injury may be to blame?

Our animal companions can’t tell us what’s bothering them, and many pets are able to mask the signs of illness or injury for long periods of time. That means your pet could be sick and you may not even know it.


Diagnostics are the key…

Veterinary diagnostics such as blood work, urinalysis and x-rays provide valuable insight about what’s happening inside your pet’s body. This helps us to quickly and accurately diagnose medical conditions so they can be treated in the most timely and effective manner. The faster we detect and address a potential health concern, the better the chances of a positive outcome for your pet.


In-house laboratory testing…

When it comes to managing your pet’s health, you want answers and you want them fast. Briargate Boulevard Animal Hospital features a convenient in-house diagnostic laboratory. There, our doctors and experienced care team can run a wide variety of tests and have results quickly. In many cases, we can have a definitive diagnosis before you and your pet even leave the exam room. Laboratory testing is also available as part of your pet’s routine and ongoing wellness care.


Advanced, on-site imaging…

Some ailments are not easily detected through lab work. For those instances our hospital is equipped with advanced radiology (x-ray) imaging technology. We can use x-rays to evaluate everything from the condition of the internal organs to bone health. What’s more, because we use digital x-ray technology, results can be instantly analyzed and, if need be, shared electronically with consulting specialists.

When your pet isn’t feeling well, you want to get to the bottom of the problem as quickly as possible. Contact us today to get started.