Holiday Foods That Are Safe for Fido

The holidays are officially upon us! Many of us are looking forward to spending quality time with friends and family, and enjoying some of that delicious seasonal food. Of course, your canine buddy will definitely take note when those yummy dishes start appearing. Just be careful with what you feed your pet. Many people foods are dangerous to dogs! A Colorado Springs, CO vet lists some holiday foods that are safe for Fido in this article.

Meat and Poultry

You can definitely share some of your main course with your furry best friend. Most types of meat and poultry are fine for dogs. Just be sure to only offer your pup cooked, unseasoned meats, without the skin, bones, or fat. You also want to limit Fido’s intake of processed meats, such as hot dogs, and organ meats, like liver. These things are fine on occasion, but shouldn’t be fed too often. Fatty meats, like bacon and sausage, should also only be offered in small amounts as a special treat.


Jerky is a great treat for dogs! Cut plain, deboned meat, chicken, or fish into strips, and cook it on low for a few hours. You can also do this with sweet potatoes.


Most types of fish are both safe and healthy for Fido. Salmon, mackerel, tuna, whitefish, cod, and haddock are all fine. Just make sure your pet only gets plain, boneless, cooked fish.


While meat should make up the bulk of your dog’s diet, Fido can enjoy certain veggies as a side. Some safe options include cooked, unseasoned potatoes; pumpkin; squash; green beans; peas; carrots; and spinach.


While gravy isn’t good for dogs, Fido can have some sodium-free broth. Mix it with egg and organic baby food in a blender to make your pup his very own doggy-nog.

Foods To Avoid

Some of the foods that are toxic to pets include garlic, onions, scallions, and chives; caffeine; chocolate; nuts; raw dough, meat, or yeast; pitted fruits, especially avocado; grapes, currants, or raisins; alcohol; or products containing xylitol. Meat on the bone is also a no-no. Ask your vet for more information.

Happy Holidays! All of us here at Briargate Blvd Animal Hospital, your Colorado Springs, CO vet clinic, want to wish you a wonderful and happy holiday season. Please contact us if we can ever be of assistance.