Fluffy’s Holiday Plans

Happy Holidays! Many people are pretty busy this time of year, with events, cooking, decorating, and shopping. While your cat will spend most of the next few weeks as she always does—napping, lounging around, and looking cute—she may have a few extra things on her agenda. Read on as a local Colorado Springs, CO vet discusses Fluffy’s holiday plans.

Take Part In Festivities

If you’re having guests over, your kitty may very well join the fun. She might hop from lap to lap, steal chairs, or just walk around collecting ear scritches. Then again, Fluffy may just retreat to a quiet spot for a nap!


Nothing will stop Fluffy from keeping up with her napping routine. Your furball will spend a pretty good chunk of the holidays sound asleep. Being cute is hard work!

Play With The Tree

As far as Fluffy is concerned, a Christmas tree is basically a giant cat playground that you thoughtfully put up just for her. You may want to curb your pet’s grand plans, however, as trees do present several hazards. Be sure to hang all of your fragile, shiny ornaments on the top part of the tree. Only put sturdy, non-breakable objects on the lower branches. Also, be sure to keep tinsel, ribbons, ornament hooks, lights, and fragile decorations out of reach of those cute little paws.

Help The Humans

Fluffy is very grateful for the good care you give her. She may try to show her appreciation by ‘helping’ with seasonal chores, such as wrapping gifts, changing the sheets, or hanging decorations. Your pet may also offer a helping paw by knocking things off your coffee table.

Supervise Household Activities

Cats like to keep a close eye on their humans! Fluffy will supervise you carefully as you cook, clean, and go thorough other seasonal preparations. You get bonus points if your furball has that smug, self-satisfied look on her face as she does this.

Jump In Boxes

Our feline friends certainly do love boxes! Offer Fluffy some of the empty ones once everyone has finished opening their gifts.

Be Adorable

If there’s one thing kitties excel at—other than napping—it’s being cute. Fluffy’s lovable antics, cute quirks, and charming vocalizations all help make our houses into homes!

Please feel free to contact us, your Colorado Springs, CO pet hospital, anytime. We are here to help!