7 Great Reasons to Be Thankful for Dogs

Thanksgiving is just around the corner. While many of us are anticipating that delicious holiday food, it’s important to reflect on the true meaning of the holiday: gratitude. Dogs are definitely something to be grateful for! Here, a Colorado Springs, CO vet lists some reasons to be thankful for our canine companions.

They Keep Us Active

Did you know that people with dogs tend to be more active and healthier than people without dogs? All those walks are just as good for us as they are for Fido!

They Protect Us

Dogs have certainly performed some amazing acts of bravery, and helped save countless human lives. However, even if your pet is a tiny Chihuahua, he’ll likely still let you know if there’s someone at the door.

They Love Unconditionally

A dog’s ability to offer unwavering, unconditional love and devotion is a truly special gift! Your canine buddy doesn’t care where you work or what’s in your bank account. He will never judge you or turn his back on you, but will instead stay loyally at your side through thick and thin. Fido definitely deserves the title of Man’s Best Friend!

They’re Adorable!

Fido is chock full of charming habits. His happy dance, tail wags, puppy kisses, and head tilts all have a way of melting our hearts and putting smiles on our face. Dogs never outgrow their cuteness, either: senior pooches are just as lovable as puppies!

They Make Us Laugh

Our canine pals have a special way of putting smiles on our faces with their antics! Fido can be absolutely hilarious when he is playing fetch with a silly toy or barking at the vacuum cleaner.


Dogs may not speak our language, but they’re pretty good at showing affection. If Fido is too big to fit in your lap, he may put a paw on your leg as a show of support, follow you around, or just flop down at your feet for a nap.

They Make Our Houses Into Homes

No matter how your day went, Fido will always be waiting to greet you with tail wags, happy dances, and puppy kisses. That’s truly something to be thankful for!

All of us here at Briargate Blvd Animal Hospital, your Colorado Springs, CO pet clinic, want to wish you a happy Thanksgiving. Please feel free to contact us anytime!