7 Reasons to Keep Your Cat Indoors

Do you let your cat go outside? We know, some of our feline friends love outdoor activities. Fluffy may really enjoy leaving paw prints on your car, or refusing to come back when you call her. However, you may really want to consider curbing your adventurous pet’s outdoor privileges. Keeping your cat indoors will not only reduce or eliminate the chance of her getting lost, it will also protect her from many other hazards. In this article, a Colorado Springs, CO vet lists some reasons to keep your cat inside.


Cars are one of the biggest threats to outdoor cats. Keeping Fluffy safe and sound indoors will definitely keep her safe from traffic!


Colorado winters can be dangerously cold. Kitties can and do get frostbite from being out in frigid weather. There’s also a chance that your feline friend could get trapped somewhere in a snowstorm, such as in a shed, or hurt herself by walking over something the snow is hiding. Keep your cat warm, cozy, and purring indoors.

Wild Animals

Fluffy may think that she’s larger than life, but at the end of the day, she’s actually quite small, and can get seriously hurt if she has an encounter with another animal. Stray dogs, predators, and wild animals—even smaller ones, like raccoons—all pose a serious threat to cats. Your kitty could also have a run-in with another feline.

Protect Local Wildlife

Did you know that cats kill over 2 billion birds each year? That’s not even counting mice, chipmunks, and other small animals! Keeping your furry little hunter indoors will help protect fragile wildlife populations.


Your cute pet can pick up some very dangerous—and disgusting—parasites from being outdoors! Keeping Fluffy indoors will also decrease the risk of her contracting parasites.


Chemicals are another concern. Fluffy could get sick just by licking her paws after walking across a recently-fertilized yard! Antifreeze is also a danger: it’s highly toxic to cats, but unfortunately happens to have a taste many kitties like.


Did you know that kitties that go outdoors shed more than indoor pets? This is because they are more exposed to the seasonal changes that trigger shedding.

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