Choosing Fido’s Clothes

Does your dog like wearing clothes? Although some of our canine friends prefer to stay in their birthday suits, others love to prance around in cute outfits. If your pet likes to dress up, you can definitely have some fun building Fido a great wardrobe! Just be sure to always put your furry pal’s safety first. Read on as a Colorado Springs, CO vet discusses choosing doggy clothes.

Winter Wear

Dogs with thin fur often need extra protection against the cold. If your furry buddy doesn’t have thick fur, pick him up a doggy sweater to wear on those frigid winter days. Fido may also need a raincoat and a windbreaker. Not all pooches need clothes, however: huskies and other fluffy pups can actually overheat in clothing. Ask your vet for specific advice.

Choosing Fido’s Clothes

When shopping for your pet, avoid anything with small parts, like buttons, that could potentially be choking hazards. Avoid putting your four-legged pal in anything that is very tight or constricting. (Tip: text yourself your canine buddy’s measurements, so you always have them on your phone.) Zippers can also be problematic, as they can easily get caught in Fido’s fur.

Fido’s Fashion Sense

When choosing doggy clothes, work with your pup, rather than against him. If your pooch hates getting dressed up, don’t force him to wear outfits: he may try to undress, and could choke or entangle himself. Also, keep Fido’s personality in mind when shopping. A bulldog may look adorable wearing your favorite team’s logo, while a female dog may be super cute in pink.


Our canine friends have certainly worn some adorable Halloween outfits. Fido has been a spider, a taco, a hot dog, a skunk, a lion, and a dinosaur, to name just a few. Dressing your pooch up can be fun, but it can also be very dangerous. Avoid putting your pup in anything that restricts his movements. You’ll also want to avoid anything with dangling parts or extra pieces that could get stuck on things. Also, never leave your canine pal unattended in his outfit. If you’re going to be busy, err on the side of caution: keep Fido dressed just long enough to snap some great photos, and then immediately take his costume off.

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