Taking Fluffy to the Vet

Did you know that August 22 is Take Your Cat To The Vet Day? We know, Fluffy would rather be celebrating Give Your Cat Tuna Day or Get Your Kitty A New Toy Day, but we checked! Proper veterinary care is very important for your kitty’s health and well-being! Read on as a Colorado Springs, CO veterinarian discusses taking your furball to the vet.

Appointment Schedule

Fluffy’s veterinary care needs will change as she grows. Kittens need to come in several times during that crucial first year, for exams, vaccinations, parasite control, microchipping, and spay/neuter surgery. When your pet reaches adulthood, she may only need to visit the vet once or twice a year, for wellness care and dental exams. Senior kitties may need more frequent appointments, as regular exams greatly increase the chances of medical issues being caught early. Follow your vet’s recommendations for appointment schedules.

Warning Signs

Cats often instinctively try to mask symptoms of illness. There is a good reason for this: in the wild, showing signs of weakness can attract deadly predators. However, Fluffy’s secretive streak can make it hard for you to tell when she isn’t feeling well. Some warning signs to watch for include hiding; unkempt fur; vomiting; litterbox issues; lack of appetite; weight loss; and unusual behavior or vocalizations. Contact your vet immediately if your kitty has any of these symptoms.

The Car Ride

It may be a bit of an understatement to say that most of our feline friends really don’t care for car rides. Fluffy may meow pitifully in protest, and could even shed quite a bit of fur. There are some things you can do to make the trip easier for her. It may help to leave the carrier out: if your kitty only sees her carrier before car rides, she may bolt for her hiding spot the moment she spots it. Put soft bedding and toys in the carrier, and give Fluffy praise, attention, and treats near it. Cat calming products, such as sprays and collars, can also help. When you’re in the car, play soothing music for your feline pal to sing along to. Once you get home, go ahead and give your furball a new toy or a special treat.

Is your cat due for veterinary care? Contact us, your local Colorado Springs, CO veterinary clinic, anytime. We are here to help!