How to Be a Great Cat Parent

Cats are extremely popular pets, and with good reason. Kitties have many wonderful characteristics. One great thing about our feline friends is that they are quite easy to take care of. Providing Fluffy with good food, a clean litterbox, and regular veterinary care will take care of her most essential needs. However, to be a great pet owner, you’ll have to go above and beyond these basics. Read on as a Colorado Springs, CO vet tells you how to be a great cat parent.

Keep Fluffy Indoors

One of the best things you can do for your kitty’s health and well-being is to keep her inside. As soon as Fluffy sets those cute little paws outside the door, she is at risk from many different dangers, including cars, predators, and weather.

Provide Lots of Entertainment

We know, napping is Fluffy’s favorite pastime. But even the sleepiest kitty can’t spend all her time snoozing. Offer your furball lots of toys to play with. A good window view will also please Her Fluffy Majesty.

Offer Kitty Comforts

It’s quite easy to make your home into a cozy luxury palace for your kitty. Offer Fluffy plenty of soft, comfy beds and napping spots. Your feline buddy will also appreciate having some cat furniture all her own, like a cat tree or tower.

Avoid Punishment

Cats are adorable, fun, cute, cuddly, and quirky, but they aren’t purrfect. If Fluffy does something wrong, such as scratching your sofa, don’t punish her. Instead, look to the root cause of her behavior, and use positive reinforcement to teach her better petiquette.

Play With Your Cat

One of the best things you can do for your cat is to play with her regularly. These fun play sessions will be great for your kitty physically. Playing also offers Fluffy beneficial mental stimulation, which will help keep her mind healthy as she ages.

Bonding Time

Kitties have a reputation for being aloof, but many of these charismatic little furballs are actually very interactive. If you really want to get that little motor started, you’ll need to spend time with Fluffy, and pay attention to her. Talk to her, pet her, groom her, and let her nap in your lap if she wants.

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