6 Reasons Your Dog May Be Digging

Dogs have many wonderful talents. Fido can herd livestock; hunt, track, and flush game; help people with disabilities perform day-to-day tasks; and assist law enforcement by tracking weapons, explosives, or even missing people. When it comes to gardening, however, Man’s Best Friend tends to fall a little short. If your dog is digging up your yard, take heart: there are ways to correct this bad behavior. However, the steps needed to address your pet’s landscaping hobby will depend on why he’s digging in the first place. Below, a Colorado Springs, CO vet lists some possible options.


Is your furry pal digging in straight lines? Fido may be after a smaller animal that is burrowing under your yard. Use humane methods to clear unwanted vermin from your property.


Look at your dog’s outside area. Does Fido have toys to play with, and room to run and play? If not, he may be bored. Offer your pooch lots of playthings, and play with him every day.

Buried Treasure

Sometimes dogs dig holes so they can bury toys or treats. Build Fido his own little sandbox, and put lots of doggy toys in it. Your furry pirate may be so preoccupied getting these goodies that he leaves the rest of the yard alone.

Excess Energy

Fido may also just be super frisky and playful. Tire your pup out with fun daily play sessions.


Another reason dogs sometimes dig is to make dens, so they can get relief from weather or insects. Make sure that Fido always has plenty of shelter, shade, and water, and stay current with his parasite control. It’s also important not to leave your dog outside too long. After all, Man’s Best Friend is part of the family, and is both happier and healthier living indoors.


Is your pet digging near the fence line? Fido may be trying to escape. If your dog is intact, he may want to go looking for love: we recommend getting your pup spayed or neutered right away. Of course, sometimes dogs just have an adventurous streak. Take your pooch on daily walks, and bring him to new places occasionally. To secure your fence, bury chicken wire beneath it, and weight it down with rocks.

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