5 Reasons to Get Your Kitty a Cat Tower

Does your cat have a kitty tower? If not, you may want to consider getting her one. Cat towers are very beneficial for our feline friends! Below, a Colorado Springs, CO vet lists some great reasons to get Fluffy a kitty tower.

Physical Activity

Cat towers are a great way to keep Fluffy active and moving. Your furball may have a blast climbing on to her tower. Given that kitties spend so much time napping, this physical activity is really important!

Mental Stimulation

If you can, try to position your furball’s kitty tower in front of a window that offers a good view. Your furry little diva will be able to relax while watching birds and squirrels. To Fluffy, this is a little slice of heaven!

High Vantage

Cats really don’t have a very good vantage point from ground level. If you think about it, Fluffy probably sees a lot of shoes and furniture legs! Kitties often like to climb up to high spots, just so they can get a better view. A tower will give your furball a safe spot from which she can survey her kingdom with that adorable smug expression cats are so good at.

Scratching Post

Getting your cat a tower is one of the best things you can do to stop her from scratching your sofa. In the great outdoors, trees offer kitties perfect manicure stations. Those sharp little nails are crucial to cats’ survival in the wild, so kitties have a strong instinctual urge to take care of their claws. Fluffy probably won’t find a full-size tree inside your home, so a kitty tower is the next best thing.

Napping Spot

We know, Fluffy probably won’t have much trouble finding comfy places to snuggle up in. That doesn’t mean your furball won’t appreciate having some things of her own, however. A kitty tower offers your sleepy pet yet one more place to go to when it’s time for a nap.

Getting The Tower

You don’t have to spend a lot of money to get Fluffy’s furniture. You can certainly buy a cat tower, but you can also make one by repurposing a wooden stepladder, a bookshelf, or a storage rack. Look online for great ideas.

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