Fido’s New Year’s Resolutions

Are you making New Year’s Resolutions this year? The start of a new year is always a good time to revisit personal priorities and set new goals. If Fido made resolutions, what would those be? Below, a Colorado Springs, CO vet lists some possible options for resolutions our canine friends might make, and offers ways you can help your pet achieve them.

Don’t Eat The Sofa

Fido’s need to chew can sometimes leave him at odds with his human buddies. Many couch cushions, shoes, purses, and other items have been destroyed by our canine friends. Offer your pup proper chew toys, and make sure he’s getting plenty of exercise and stimulation.

Stop Chasing Squirrels

Dogs are predators in the wild, and many of them just can’t resist the innate urge to run after squirrels. If Fido tends to drag you along on his walks while he’s trying to reach the squirrel across the street, take time to work on doggy obedience and leash manners.

Don’t Pick Fights With The Vacuum Cleaner

Fido’s scuffles with the vacuum can be cute, but they can also be dangerous. Your furry pal could hurt his teeth or bite into an electrical or moving part if he attacks the machine. Keep your pooch in another room while you’re vacuuming.

Get In Shape

Man’s Best Friend has a bit of a weight problem: over half of our canine buddies are overweight or obese. Make sure Fido is eating quality food and is getting proper exercise, and don’t overindulge him with fatty treats. Ask your vet for specific advice.

Continued Education

Training can help dogs build confidence and achieve better petiquette, and will strengthen the bond between you. If Fido already knows the five basic commands of good doggy obedience, which are Sit, Stay, Come, Heel, and Lay Down, work on other commands, or just show him some cute tricks.

Spend Time With My Loved Ones

At the end of the day, your loyal, four-legged friend wants nothing more than to spend time with you. Carve out some quality time with your pet, and pamper him a bit. Take Fido on a fun excursion, indulge him with doggy massages or games of fetch, or just spend some quiet time giving belly rubs.

Please contact us, your Colorado Springs, CO vet clinic, for all your dog’s veterinary care needs in 2016. Happy New Year!