Helping Pets and Guests Get Along

Are you going to be having company over the holidays? This can be a great way to catch up with friends and family members. Your pet, however, may find having company a bit stressful. There’s also a chance that Fido and Fluffy could make your guests uncomfortable, especially if your visitors have allergies. In this article, a local Colorado Springs, CO vet offers tips on helping guests and pets get along.


Make sure Fido has basic doggy obedience down pat. Your canine pal should know the commands to Sit, Stay, Heel, Lay Down, and Come. If your pooch has a habit of begging, or likes to jump on people as they arrive, then take some time now to work on your furry buddy’s petiquette.

Safe Zone

Guests often make Fluffy a bit nervous. Set up a safety zone for your feline pal in a quiet bedroom, with toys, treats, and a comfy bed. Include a secure hiding place, like a kitty tent or condo.

Doggy Gate

Crate training is always beneficial, but you should never keep Fido crated for extended periods of time. Consider getting a doggy pen or baby gate. That way, you can contain your canine buddy in a certain room or area when needed, without making him uncomfortable. Fido won’t be underfoot, but he can still see and interact with you. Just be sure your pooch has food and water, toys, and a comfy bed in his quarters.

Pet-Free Guest Room

Make your guest room a pet-free zone. To reduce allergens in your guest quarters, install hardwood floors instead of carpet. When choosing bedding, pick items made from natural fibers that won’t attract pet fur or dander. It’s also not a bad idea to get a good air filtration device for that room. Adding a box of tissues and a lint roller are small but thoughtful gestures.

Closed-Door Policy

Keep the spare room door closed, and advise your guests to do the same. Fluffy does have a penchant for curling up on guests’ beds and suitcases!

Allergy Attack

Do your guests have allergies? Vacuum and dust thoroughly before they arrive, and change out your air filters. Also, brush your pet daily for about a week beforehand, to remove dead fur and dander.

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