Caring for a Small Dog

Do you have a pint-sized pooch? Here at Briargate Blvd Animal Hospital, we love dogs of all shapes and sizes! Small dogs are particularly charming, and manage to stuff lots of personality into small packages. There are some specific things to keep in mind when caring for little dogs, however. Below, a Colorado Springs, CO veterinarian discusses small dog care.


Small dogs often get quite a bit of exercise just running around the house. After all, Fido has to work pretty hard to cover ground on those cute little legs! Your furkid may only need a short walk or two each day to fill his exercise requirements. Ask your vet for specific recommendations.


Some tiny canines seem to enjoy being dressed up, while others hate wearing clothes. Don’t force your furry pal to dress up if he doesn’t like it. If you do dress your pup, avoid clothes that are very tight or constricting, and those with small parts or hanging threads that could choke or entangle him. You also want to avoid dressing your pooch when it’s hot outside: Fido could easily overheat.

Toys and Treats

Always choose toys and treats that are specifically made for little dogs. Products made for larger dogs may be dangerous for smaller pooches.


Basic doggy obedience is very important! Proper training can keep your little furball from running off, or from approaching dangerous objects or areas. Make sure Fido knows at least the five basic commands, which are Sit, Stay, Come, Heel, and Lay Down.


While some little dogs are completely fearless, others are easily frightened. If your pooch scares easily, train little Fido to put his paw on your leg when he wants to be picked up.


Small dogs are at much greater risk of getting hurt by jumping or falling off furniture. Pet ramps or stairs will help your little one get on and off the bed and sofa.


Always keep your canine pal leashed whenever you take him off your property. Also, avoid bringing your tiny pal near bigger dogs when walking him. If Fido enjoys dog parks, make sure to choose ones with separate fenced areas for little dogs.

Do you have questions about caring for a tiny pooch? We can help! Contact us, your Colorado Springs, CO animal clinic, for all your small dog’s veterinary care needs.