5 Great Ways to Honor National Cat Day

Did you know that October 29th is National Cat Day? We think kitties should be celebrated every day, but this is a great time to make an extra effort to honor our feline friends. In this article, a local Colorado Springs, CO veterinarian offers some great options for celebrating Fluffy’s special day.

Spoil Your Cat

National Cat Day is a purrfect chance to show your feline pal some extra TLC. Make her a special treat, give her a new toy, or indulge her in extended play or cuddle sessions. Of course, boxes are also very popular with our feline friends! If you want to go all-out, get your furball a new bed or kitty tower.

Veterinary Appointment

We know, we probably wouldn’t be Fluffy’s top choice for how to spend her special day. But kitties need veterinary care too, and many of our feline patients don’t see us very often. Make sure your furball is current on recommended shots and parasite control products, and has been microchipped. Spay or neuter surgery and regular exams are also very important. If your kitty is due for veterinary care, consider this a reminder to make an appointment!

Help Animal Shelters

Animal shelters are filled with sweet, loving kitties that desperately need to find good homes. Many of these organizations are non-profits, and can always use some extra help. Donating money or supplies is an excellent way to help these lovable kitties. Volunteering is another great way to help shelter cats. If you have the time and space, consider fostering a special kitty.

Teach Your Children

This is a great time to talk to your children about our cute and quirky female friends. Read a fun book about kitties, look at some cute pictures online, and then settle in with a fun cat-themed movie.

Take Photos

If there’s one thing cats excel at, it’s looking cute. Carve out some time to get some pictures of Fluffy just being her adorable self. If your furball somehow always manages to look away just as you press the button, consider downloading a smartphone app for taking pet pictures. Many of these apps play sounds that get your pet’s attention. Genius!

Do you have questions about caring for your kitty? We can help! Contact us, your local Colorado Springs, CO veterinary clinic, for all of your cat’s veterinary care needs.