Choosing Cat Furniture

If you have a kitty, you probably often find your feline pal dozing on your sofa, chairs, or beds. Cats certainly don’t have any qualms about making themselves comfortable on our furniture! They also sometimes like to use us as furniture, but that’s beside the point. Even though your furry buddy enjoys napping on your things, she’ll still enjoy some pieces all her own. Below, a Colorado Springs, CO vet discusses choosing kitty furniture.

Timid Kitties

Do you have a shy kitty? Timid kitties often look for safe places to retreat to. Choose pieces that offer Fluffy little hidey-holes. Cat towers with enclosed perches, kitty tents, and cat tunnels are all suitable for nervous furballs.

Senior Kitties

Senior kitties can’t climb as well as their younger counterparts. Look for pieces that will be easy for your feline friend to get into. For instance, if you want a cat activity center, get one that’s lowest level is about a foot off the ground.


If you have a baby cat, you more or less have a furry ball of energy on your hands. Kittens certainly love to play! Look for an activity center that includes fun toys, and can serve as a jungle gym for your tiny furball.

Multiple Cats

If you have multiple cats, get a kitty tower or activity center with several levels, so there is room for all of your feline buddies. You don’t want your kitties fighting over it! Here’s an interesting fact: the kitty that gets the top perch is the ‘boss cat’!

Scratching Cats

If you’re trying to get your cat to stop scratching the sofa, you’ll need to provide her with a tower or a scratching post. Make sure that it’s sturdy, so it won’t wobble or tip over on her. If Fluffy knocks her tower over, she may be too spooked to use it again! You’ll also want to be sure to get something that is tall enough to allow your furball to stretch on it.

Sleepy Cats

All cats are sleepy cats! Therefore, a kitty bed is suitable for any feline. There’s no law that says Fluffy should only have one bed. Kitty beds are fairly inexpensive, so get a few and place them in different rooms.

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