Spoil Your Senior Dog With Special Care

Your cocker spaniel Lady adds that special spark to your home. This gorgeous ten-year-old girl prances the premises like a queen parading before her subjects. She’s certainly not a prim-and-proper princess, as she enjoys her neighborhood walks and plays with your two younger dogs. Now that your canine companion is entering her golden years, you’d like her to stay healthy. Fortunately, your Colorado Springs, CO veterinarian provides her with regular physical checkups. The vet has also given your lucky pooch a special senior health program.

Tailored Senior Diet

Lady’s nutritious adult diet fueled her active lifestyle. Her vet-prescribed food included quality proteins, carbohydrates, essential fatty acids, minerals, and vitamins. She still needs those nutrients, although in different proportions. Because she has slowed down, she should reduce her calorie consumption.

The vet will identify your dog’s nutritional needs and exercise habits. If your pooch had gotten portly, the vet would likely choose a food designed for safe weight loss. If she dealt with a chronic medical condition, the vet might select a blend that supported her treatment program.

Regular Dental Care

Since Lady was a puppy, your vet has given her professional dental care. During each physical checkup, the vet examines her teeth and gums, quickly addressing emerging problems. She has received countless dental cleanings; and you’ve learned how to brush her choppers. By sticking to this regimen, you’ll help your companion to keep her mouth healthy.

Consistent Canine Vaccinations

Your senior dog still needs regular vaccinations that protect her from infectious and dangerous canine diseases. The vet will factor in her age, health status, and lifestyle before giving the proper vaccines.

Fun-Filled Light Exercise

Lady’s regular neighborhood walks help her to avoid obesity. Even better, she catches up with her canine and human buddies along the way. Ask your vet to recommend other gentle exercise, such as warm-water swims or slow-paced fetch games.

If your dog seems to experience pain when she stands or walks normally, or climbs your steps, contact your vet. She can prescribe helpful medications and/or therapies.

Your Colorado Springs, CO veterinarian will tweak Lady’s health program and handle emerging medical issues. Tell the vet about changes in your dog’s food or water consumption; or differences in her urination and/or defecation habits. To give your senior dog a tailored health plan, contact us for expert assistance.