5 Ways to Curb Your Kitty’s Hunting Habit

Does your feline friend have a habit of leaving ‘gifts’ on your doorstep? Fluffy’s hunting prowess is one of the reasons we domesticated kitties long ago. Nowadays, most housecats don’t have to work to earn their keep, but some kitties apparently missed that memo. Although a small, dead animal may be the last thing on your wish list, your furry pal will probably be extremely proud of her present, and expecting praise. The truth is, cats kill a whopping 3.7 billion birds annually. By keeping your furball from hunting, you’re helping protect declining wildlife populations, and also reducing the chances of your pet contracting dangerous parasites and viruses. But how do you stop a cat from hunting? A Colorado Springs, CO vet offers suggestions below.

Keep Fluffy Indoors

Of course, the most obvious way to stop your feline friend’s killing streak is to keep her inside. Kitty’s hunting habit isn’t the only reason to keep your furball indoors, however. Cats that go outside face many dangers, such as cars, parasites, other kitties, predators, and weather.

Provide A Nutritious Diet

Make sure your furball is getting a good, nutritious diet. While many cats hunt for fun, hungry kitties have other motives. You don’t want to overfeed your kitty, as this could cause Fluffy to become obese. Extra pounds are very bad for your feline friend’s health! Ask your vet for menu recommendations, including portion sizes.

Keep The Furball Busy

Provide plenty of toys and entertainment options to keep Fluffy amused and active indoors. Playing is great for kitties, both mentally and physically. It also burns off excess energy, which will result in a tired kitty. We all know what happens when cats get even a little weary … naptime!

Warning Bell

Consider hanging a little bell on Fluffy’s collar. The ringing will foil your furball’s attempts to sneak up on unsuspecting prey, and give birds and other animals a warning.

Don’t Lure Them

Don’t make your yard a tempting place for small animals. Bird feeders, bird baths, birdhouses, wood piles, and small ponds can all attract little animals, who probably won’t be aware of the furry hunter watching avidly and licking her lips. Fence off vegetable gardens, and take steps to keep small rodents away.

Please contact us, your Colorado Springs, CO veterinary clinic, for all of your furry buddy’s veterinary care needs.