History’s Amazing Dogs

Man’s Best Friend has certainly been a wonderful companion to us. Our canine buddies offer unconditional love and unwavering friendship; and help us in many ways. Dogs have helped us protect our homes, lives, and property for thousands of years. Sometimes, dogs perform truly extraordinary acts of courage, and even save our lives! In this article, A Colorado Springs, CO veterinarian lists just a few examples of some amazing dogs.


Killian, normally a friendly pooch, is definitely a heroic canine. When Killian’s family notice that their dog acted uneasy around their babysitter, they decided to set up a hidden camera, and were shocked and horrified to discover the sitter being abusive. This loyal dog is credited with saving her human friend from the horrible sitter!


Lefty is another example of our furry friends’ remarkable devotion. When armed robbers broke into Lefty’s humans’ home, this brave pup took a bullet for his master. Lefty was severely wounded, and ended up losing a leg as a result. His story touched so many people that donations helped pay for the canine hero’s life-saving surgery.


When Toby’s owner choked on an apple, she found herself in serious trouble. Alone at home, the lady tried to pound on her chest, but to no avail. Her faithful dog jumped into action, literally! Toby pushed his owner down, and began jumping up and down on top of her. Incredibly, Toby’s actions dislodged the apple, saving his grateful owner’s life!


While many brave dogs have been recognized for valiantly helping our soldiers, this pooch is definitely a standout. Stubby survived a deadly poison gas attack in WWI. Afterwards, this courageous canine became extremely sensitive to poison. He was able to detect the next attack in time to wake and warn his human friends. But Stubby’s story doesn’t stop there. This noble dog was also renowned for being able to locate wounded soldiers. All in all, Stubby is credited with saving many soldiers’ lives. He was rewarded for his service by being promoted, and became a beloved, four-legged national hero.

These are just a few stories of dogs’ amazing bravery and loyalty. There are many, many more examples of remarkable dogs helping us and saving our lives. What a wonderful gift our canine friends are!

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