Kitty’s Cutest Talents

Do you have a feline friend? If so, we’re guessing your kitty has some very unique characteristics or mannerisms that you find completely adorable and/or hilarious. These little furballs are quite enigmatic! Even though we’ve been friends with cats for thousands of years, they still keep us guessing. Over the course of our long history with kitties, however, we’ve discovered several things our feline friends truly excel at. In this article, your local Colorado Springs veterinary clinic staff discusses some of Kitty’s cutest talents.


Kitties have an amazing talent for contorting themselves into all sorts of interesting shapes. With the possible exception of Downward Facing Dog, Fluffy’s yoga positions are all her own. The amazing thing is that cats are able to nap while doing yoga!

Communicating With Walls

Have you ever noticed your furball staring intently at a wall, but been unable to figure out exactly what she’s looking at? This cute, quirky habit Fluffy has may be more complex than one would expect. Is Kitty actually communicating with the wall?

Fitting Into Boxes

Cats are great at fitting into boxes. It doesn’t even matter if the box is too small. Fluffy will be perfectly happy spilling out over the top. This unique gift isn’t restricted to boxes. Kitties have also been known to squish themselves into drawers, bowls, casserole dishes, purses, and even boots.


Our feline friends have been known to raise a few eyebrows, drop a few jaws with their amazing gymnastic abilities. Your little furball can perform amazing twists, turns, and jumps. Sometimes, it seems like Kitty can even defy gravity!


Have you ever heard an amorous, lonely tomcat singing to the moon? Perhaps your feline friend has her own unique style of vocalizations. Siamese kitties, in particular, tend to love singing. We may prefer more refined singing, but apparently, they don’t sound half bad to other kitties.


Being adorable may come naturally to our feline friends, especially when they’re little, but we suspect that kitties know exactly how cute they are, and use that to their advantage. Fluffy may not have many motives, beyond getting herself fed or cuddled, but her amazing powers of cute are definitely worth mention.

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