Puppy Proofing Your Home

Are you bringing a puppy into your home? Congratulations on your furry new arrival! All of us here at your Colorado Springs veterinary clinic love to see animals going to good homes. Just like human children, puppies have a lot to learn in their youth. Little Fido needs to be watched carefully and nurtured during his puppyhood. You’ll also need to take steps to make sure your new furbaby doesn’t get himself into trouble while he’s exploring his new home.

Here are some things to consider:


Many common houseplants are dangerous to your four-legged friend. Lilies, azaleas, and begonias are just a few of the plants that are toxic to dogs. Check the ASPCA site here for a complete list.


Baby Fido is going to be teething, and will have a strong urge to chew in his first year. Keep shoes, purses, books and other ‘chewables’ out of the little guy’s reach, and provide plenty of proper chew toys.


Keep any toxic chemicals securely out of the reach of those cute little paws and that adorable nose. Automotive products, household cleaners, paints, dyes, and stains are a few examples of things you should lock up.


You may not think a bottle of medicine would pose much risk, but puppies can get into all sorts of mischief. Make sure to keep any medications securely closed, and lock them up in medicine cabinets.

Things Dogs Could Eat But Shouldn’t

Our furry pals have been known to eat some very strange things. Nails, craft kits, rubber bands, pens, and coins are just a few of the things Fido might swallow. Keep all small items away from your puppy. Plastic grocery bags can also be very dangerous.

General Safety

Secure all electrical wires, drapery cords, and other potential hazards. Things that cannot be put away can be treated with a taste deterrent, which can be found in pet stores. If you have a yard, don’t forget to check your fence line to be sure it’s secure. If you have a pool, keep it gated until summer. Then, teach little Fido to swim and make sure he can find the stairs on his own.

Your puppy will need several shots in his first year, as well as spay or neuter surgery. Call us! As your local Colorado Springs vet clinic, we always provide excellent veterinary care services.