Your Cat Can Thrive With a Proper Life-Stage Diet

Your newly adopted kitten Trixie is about to embark on a life of luxury. This striking little tortoiseshell cat just joined your family yesterday, and she has already wrapped you around her little paws. Tomorrow, she’ll visit your Colorado Springs vet for a thorough new patient exam. He’ll also recommend a life-stage diet that provides your furry ball of energy with the nutrients she needs.

Super-Charged Kitten Kibbles

Trixie currently lives her life at a lightning-fast speed. She delights in chasing her tail and racing through the house like a tri-colored blur. Her body is also growing very quickly. To fuel this high-energy lifestyle, and meet her demanding nutritional needs, she requires a diet high in calories and protein. If she doesn’t receive proper nutrition, she might not reach her optimum weight or could develop a medical condition.

Pregnant or Nursing Feline Formulation

Although you intend to have Trixie spayed, you also plan to do foster cat work for an animal rescue group. In that capacity, you’ll likely encounter at least one pregnant cat who needs extra nutrition for herself and her developing kittens. If the mother cat was deficient in these vital nutrients, she might not produce enough milk for every offspring. She might also develop her own nutrition-related problems.

Special Senior Cat Diet

While it’s hard to imagine, your bouncy little kitten will someday become a feline senior citizen. When she ages, she could develop chronic kidney or heart disease, or another age-related medical condition. She might encounter mobility problems that make it harder to conduct daily activities. Your vet will monitor your cat’s overall health and treat emerging medical problems. He’ll consider a targeted food that works in concert with her treatment program.

Feline Obesity Source

Cats can become obese at any stage of their life. Surprisingly, these rotund felines can become fat by chowing down on the wrong life-stage diet. Let’s assume middle-aged Trixie has become a feline slug, preferring to spend hours snoozing on her plush custom bed. Unfortunately, she still consumes her high-calorie kitten food. Over time, she’ll gain weight and might even find it more difficult to perform activities she enjoys.

As Trixie progresses through life, your Colorado Springs vet will tweak her diet, always matching her current nutritional needs. If your cat needs a complete diet reboot, contact us for an appointment.