Is Your Dog Frazzled by Separation Anxiety?

Your retriever mix Barkley has always been a well-adjusted pooch. Nothing seems to phase your four-year-old canine housemate, who takes everything in stride and runs off to chase his tennis ball. However, when your happy-go-lucky dog’s left by himself, his personality changes. If your home security cam hadn’t recorded his actions, you wouldn’t believe them yourself. You think your two-personality pooch might suffer from separation anxiety. Tomorrow, your Colorado Springs veterinarian will examine Barkley and provide expert behavioral counseling.

Barking Binge

Barkley began his tirade before your car even left the driveway. First, he warmed up his vocal cords with some low-pitched mutters. Once his voice was tuned up, he launched into a barking marathon. Occasionally, your canine housemate mixed in some threatening-sounding growls and some otherworldly howls. He occasionally stopped to lubricate his throat with water, keeping disruptions to a minimum so he could devote maximum time to his task.

Home Demolition

Your seventy-pound pooch has some substantial jaws, allowing him to make short work of your custom living room set. First, your single-minded dog focused on the couch, tearing the brocade upholstery and white stuffing into colorful wads. Next, he turned to the matching loveseat and chairs, quickly leaving those cushions in tatters.

For variety, he attacked the hallway baseboards, gnawing a five-foot section of molding into wooden slivers. You’re frustrated about the destruction and replacement cost; and you’re concerned that Barkley will chew on something really hazardous.

Fecal Obsession

Generally, Barkley doesn’t care much about his feces. During potty walks, he spends most of his time sniffing and urinating on trees; and he only devotes a minute to making his deposit. When he’s alone, however, he loves leaving stinky piles in difficult-to-access corners. You’ve never had to remove the evidence, since your poop-loving pooch consumes it.

Master Escape Artist

Your four-footed Houdini doesn’t regard his portable kennel as a challenge. After you closed him inside with treats and toys, he began to gnaw his way through the heavy-duty plastic. Within an hour, your determined escape artist had chewed his way through the container and was working on the bedroom door. Good thing you returned before he could revisit the hallway baseboards.

After your Colorado Springs veterinarian reviews the incriminating footage, he’ll diagnose and treat Barkley’s problem. If your dog displays similar symptoms, contact us for an appointment.