Grooming Your Cat

Is there a kitty in your home? Whether your feline friend is a tabby, calico, solid color, tuxedo, or any other color or pattern, that pretty fur is her most distinctive trait. One great thing about cats is that they are very clean. Your little furball probably spends a good chunk of her day grooming herself. That doesn’t mean you’re entirely off the hook, though. Your feline friend may still need some help. In this article, your Briargate veterinarian discusses grooming your cat.


Even though Fluffy is great at keeping up with her beauty rituals, she’ll benefit from being brushed. Brushing your cat will help remove dead hair and dander, which will keep that pretty coat of hers nice and shiny. It will also help with distributing the natural oils in your cat’s fur. If your feline buddy has long fur, she’ll probably be prone to getting tangles and knots in a few places, such as under those cute little arms and legs. To get your furry little diva used to being brushed, pick a time when she’s relaxed, and start brushing gently, moving in the same direction as her fur. Fluffy may only tolerate being brushed for a few minutes, and that’s fine. Follow each session with a treat or playtime. Praise and compliments also work well with our feline friends!


Unlike dogs, cats don’t necessarily need to be bathed regularly. That said, if your furball is a kitten, it isn’t a bad idea to get the little one used to taking baths. That way, if she ever encounters a skunk or gets something spilled on her fur, it will be a lot easier to get her clean again.


All cats shed, though some kitties shed more than others do. Breed, fur type, and lifestyle all play a role in how much a cat sheds. Outdoor kitties shed more than kitties that live indoors, because they are more exposed to the seasonal weather changes that trigger shedding. When your cat is shedding, brushing her daily will trap more fur your brush, so less of it ends up on you and your furniture.

Do you have any questions about caring for your kitty? Is Fluffy due for an examination or vaccinations? Please contact us, your Briargate veterinary clinic, any time. We are happy to help!

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