Banish Your Cat’s Counter-Climbing Behavior

Your orange tabby cat Chloe is auditioning for a role in a feline acrobatic troupe. To snag that coveted spot, your athletic cat knows she’ll have to beat some stiff competition, so she’s been logging lots of climbing hours. Unfortunately, Chloe has chosen your kitchen counters as her practice venue. Several times today, you’ve caught your little feline gymnast hopping on the counters, and then using that platform as a springboard to your refrigerator. Since your feline housemate also uses those little feet in her unsanitary litter box, you’d like her antics to stop. You’ve asked your vet Briargate to give your cat some behavioral counseling. Read more about additional strategies that might work.

Noisy, Unexpected Surprise

If Chloe’s counter-climbing expeditions stop being such rewarding experiences, she might think twice about repeating them. Once you pinpoint your little acrobat’s initial landing spot, position several lightweight baking sheets at that exact location. When Chloe hops on the counter and the baking sheets scatter, she’ll likely hop six feet into the air and head elsewhere to regroup. While that’s an encouraging response, you might have to repeat the exercise.

Address Your Cat’s Hunger

Perhaps Chloe’s counter-hopping behavior coincides with a change in her food and/or feeding schedule. If you’ve recently placed your feline friend on a weight loss program, or otherwise revised her diet, she might be frantic to find some snacks. Ask your vet if Chloe can eat several small meals each day, rather than gorging herself on one huge feast and remaining hungry all day. Regardless of the vet’s decision, don’t torment your poor cat by leaving food on the off-limits countertops.

Provide Better Climbing Options

Give Chloe a more acceptable climbing destination, preferably one with lots of bells and whistles. Buy (or build) your little acrobat a multilevel carpeted cat tower that includes several observation platforms. Add a cozy sleeping cubbyhole, too. If Chloe’s fixated on the birds at your feeders, position her cat tower near the window so she can ogle her feathered friends in style.

Once your vet Briargate helps to redirect Chloe’s counter-climbing activities, you can sanitize your kitchen counters and feel comfortable using them again. If your own cat seems obsessed with the counters, ask your vet for help in changing your little delinquent’s behavior.