Don’t Let Cold Weather Hazards Harm Your Pet

Your shepherd mix Samson absolutely thrives on cold weather. At least, that’s what Samson thinks right now. You adopted him during the summer, so your pooch hasn’t experienced really cold temperatures yet. Now that winter’s here, you’ll need to protect Samson from harmful cold-weather hazards. Your cat Dolly can also get herself in trouble. Ask your veterinarian from Briargate how to keep Samson and Dolly safe in the brutally cold weather. Learn more about pets’ cold weather dangers below.

Frigid Temperatures and Fierce Winds

While dogs like Siberian Huskies are accustomed to very cold weather, many dog breeds and mixes aren’t ready for your region’s frigid temperatures and dangerous wind chills. Even with Samson’s double coat, you don’t want his ears, paws, and tail tip to suffer frost damage. Protect your playful pooch with a warm body-covering coat, insulating booties, and a toasty hat. Even with Samson’s winter gear, though, watch for waxy-looking skin and blisters, which are signs of early frostbite. If you see them, get Samson to the vet immediately.

Dangerous, Potentially Fatal Antifreeze

Even though you always walk Samson on leash, he occasionally indulges his urge to explore. If Samson escapes through an open door, and sips some antifreeze that has splashed from a vehicle’s radiator, he’ll become very ill and can even die. If little Dolly gets out, she can suffer the same fate.

If Samson or Dolly drinks even a few drops of pleasant-tasting antifreeze, they can appear drunk and might even experience convulsions. This is a real life-threatening emergency, so drop everything and rush your pet to the vet or emergency hospital. Fortunately, you can minimize your pets’ antifreeze poisoning risks by banishing them from the garage and cleaning up antifreeze spills without delay.

Paw-Irritating Road Salt

With your region’s icy, snowy winters, your city’s maintenance crews literally pour road salt on streets and sidewalks. While salt melts the slippery stuff, this harsh substance also bothers Samson’s and Dolly’s sensitive paws. Pull on Samson’s booties before his regular walks. Dolly won’t tolerate the booties, so keep her inside where it’s warm.

Hazards Under the Hood

Dolly loves perching on your car’s hood, likely because it gives her a better vantage point for observing birds and marauding cats. When it’s very cold, though, Dolly might crawl under the vehicle’s hood, curling up on the warm engine for a snooze. If you start the vehicle while Dolly’s fast asleep, she can easily become injured. Before you turn the key, knock on the vehicle’s hood to wake sleepy Dolly and give her time to escape.

Your Briargate vet can tell you about more safety precautions that can help Samson and Dolly make it through the winter safely.