Stop Your Dog From Chomping on the Furniture

Your retriever mix Bailey has finally found his mission in life. You’ve tried to get Bailey interested in the dog park, and you’ve introduced him to lots of canine buddies. Nothing really clicked…until Bailey suddenly discovered your living room furniture. For the past few days, Bailey has been completely obsessed with tearing your couch, loveseat, and two matching chairs into pieces. You can’t hide the damage with cushions anymore, and Bailey shows no signs of stopping. You know that chewing helps Bailey to exercise his jaws and scrub his choppers, but you don’t like his choice of targets. You’ve asked your veterinarian from Colorado Springs to give Bailey a dose of behavioral counseling. Learn more about strategies that could also work.

Removal from the Crime Scene

Of course, the simplest solution is to banish Bailey from the crime scene. In this case, close off the living room. Or, if Bailey chews on books (after he reads them, of course), store them well out of Bailey’s jumping range. If Bailey prefers finer ladies’ and mens’ shoes, store them behind a closet door that even Bailey can’t chew through.

Bad-Tasting Deterrent

Bailey really hates bad-tasting stuff, so use that fact to your advantage. Ask your vet to recommend a harmless chewing deterrent you can spritz on or near Bailey’s favorite objects. Make sure Bailey gets acquainted with the deterrent by spraying some on a paper towel and encouraging Bailey to lick it. Bailey will likely get an expression of revulsion on his face, which is exactly what you want. Hopefully Bailey will tie that horrible experience to the furniture’s smell and taste.

Substitute Chewing Target

Now that Bailey has temporarily sworn off the furniture, provide him with some better chewing targets. Buy Bailey some indestructible chew toys, and switch them out so he doesn’t get bored. If Bailey can have treats, fill a treat puzzle with peanut butter or his favorite kibbles. If Bailey loves a tug-of-war game, purchase a sturdy two-way pull toy and wear him out.

Mental and Physical Stimulation

Your bored, creative dog clearly needs more discipline in his life, so enroll him in an obedience class. If Bailey completed a class awhile back, he needs a refresher course. Also, give Bailey lots of outdoor playtime. After all, if Bailey’s tired out from running and playing, he hopefully won’t care much about chewing on the furniture.

Ask your Colorado Springs vet how to discourage Bailey from chewing while you’re gone. Consider a heavy-duty kennel furnished with a blanket, chew toys, and snacks. Or, leave Bailey in a small room with no chewable objects. Give your active pooch plenty of attention and exercise before you leave and when you return.