Litter Box Location Advice

As you’ve probably noticed if you own a cat, felines can be pretty picky sometimes. A prime example is in regards to the location of their litter box! Use your Colorado Springs veterinarian’s suggestions, found below, to ensure your cat’s box is placed properly.

A Quiet Area

Make sure your cat’s litter box is located in a quiet, low-traffic area of the house. Putting it in an area with too much activity is a mistake, because many cats won’t use a box if there’s too much hustle and bustle surrounding it. In most homes, a basement room or back bedroom can work very well.

An Always-Accessible Area

Take care to ensure that the litter box will always be accessible to your cat, even if you’re not home. Sometimes, owners mistakenly put the box somewhere that gets cut off when a screen door shuts, or some other obstacle blocks the way. A cat that can’t get to the box will have no choice but to eliminate on your carpet! Try using cat doors or other mechanisms to make sure your cat can always access her box.

Far Away from Food Dishes

Do you like to eat right next to the bathroom? Neither does your cat! Some cats have even been known to shun their box, their food, or both when the two are placed too close together! Put the litter box far away from your cat’s food and water dishes, or on another floor if possible.

Multiple Boxes

Multiple litter boxes in one home can work well for many cats, especially if you own more than one. Although some cats will share a litter box, many others will prefer their own in separate areas of the house. Troublesome behavioral issues can be avoided by giving each cat their own bathroom zone.

Your Colorado Springs veterinarian can tell you even more great tips about placing your cat’s litter box properly—call the office today to find out more!