Spring Cleaning Pet Hazards

Is a weekend of spring cleaning a yearly ritual in your household? This year, don’t forget about your pet’s health as you freshen the home for spring. Below, your Briargate vet lists several spring-cleaning pet hazards to be aware of.

Cleaning Solutions

Many of the products you might use to clean your home contain chemicals that will almost certainly harm a pet if ingested. Household cleaners, bleaches, solvents, and even air fresheners can cause serious health problems should a pet swallow some. Remember to keep your pet in another room while using chemicals, and store these products on the top shelf of a closed cabinet or closet where pets can’t reach.

Home Improvement

Remember that the quick fixes you might be doing to your home could also spell danger for your furry friend. Make sure not to leave tools lying about in the yard or on the floor—the sharp edges of saws, shovels, hammers, and many other tools could hurt both your pet and you! Don’t leave nails lying about where a pet could come in contact with them, and be careful with paints, primers, and glue.


Are you dusting an area that sadly hasn’t seen the likes of a dust cloth in a while? Remember that pets can have allergies, and a lot of dust at one time can set them off. It’s best to keep your pet elsewhere if you’re dusting, especially if they suffer from allergies. Ask your vet about other things that could set off an allergic reaction in your pet and how to avoid them.


As you’re moving things around, in and out of the house, you may need to leave a door propped open to facilitate your work. Make sure your pet doesn’t dart out of the door, escaping into the neighborhood! If necessary, tether your pet up. Also make sure he or she is properly identified with up-to-date ID tags or a microchip.

Call your Briargate veterinarian if your pet’s identification needs updated. Be sure to ask about other potential spring-cleaning hazards and how you can take steps to eliminate the risk.